Aaron Beers



Aaron is a gifted photographer whose passion for architectonics is evident in his work. Aaron’s “Noel” design was featured as one of Element of Art’s holiday cards. Some of Aaron’s other interests include sketching and editing pictures on his iPad.

Aaron Gasparac



Aaron is a convivial artist who displays much talent in painting and sketching. Aaron is meticulous when creating his unique shapely arrangements and will spend hours ensuring that every color is where he wants it to be. Aaron is a man of few words but expresses himself amazingly through his art.

Amber Scott


Jack S.

Amber is a charming young lady who takes stock in creating fabulous floral paintings, elegant jewelry and many pieces of unique clay creations.

Angel Mitchell



Fascinating gothic fairies are Angel's drawing and painting subjects. On canvas Angel unleashes her imagination, a mix of fantasy and reality, in a cacophony of colors and magical interpretations.

Brittany Beasley


Brittany brings many years jewelry making expertise to Element of Art. Her quiet enthusiasm for art is contagious to everyone around her. Her adoration of all things beautiful translates into the vibrant designs she creates.

Candice Geyer



Stunning glass jewelry is Candice’s forte! Candice pours precision and passion into each individual glass treasure. In her spare time Candice is dance captain to a freestyle dance troupe proving that she is also a performing artist.

Carol Miles



Carol paints instinctually. Her graceful and uninhibited marks juxtapose wonderfully her exploration of seemingly strict geometric shapes. Carol's paintings are compositionally sound with great attention paid to color discretion.

Chris Mitchell



Chris has a flair for the arts but essentially takes pleasure in drawing. When Chris isn't creating incredible drawings he creates homeruns in the softball field and three pointers on the basketball court.

Connie Orr


There is just a widespread amount of zeal that swarms about Connie’s captivating clay and glass jewelry. Connie takes a clash of colours and creates a kaleidoscope of art.

Crystal Kemp



Crystal is a dynamic artist who favors working with clay and creating beaded jewelry. Crystal’s clay flowers are carefully crafted and beautifully constructed. Crystal’s favorite colour is pink.

Dale Connell



Dale absolutely delights in creating with clay. From distinctively patterned tiles to compelling clay flowers, Dale’s keen interest of clay is not only a form of artistic expression but his preferred choice of amusement

Dan Dininger



Dan just can't get enough from the exciting world of photography! With his camera on him at most times Dan is always looking for a special opportunity to transform something into a photographic masterpiece. Dan especially favors colorful birds and plants.

Daniel Luster


Daniel is a starry-eyed artist who was born to compose numerous types of art such as abstract paintings, eclectic drawings, and prismatic jewelry. In addition to art, Daniel loves to write fabulous stories and descriptive essays.

Danielle Griffith



Danielle has a niche for creating lavish headbands, bracelets, and broaches for all jewelry lovers. Danielle likes to keep her creative juices flowing by trying her hand out in other mediums such as sculpting with clay

Deborah Allen



Deborah is a down to earth lady who is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and jewelry maker. Deborah's love for jewelry is crystal clear once you meet her as she is fleeced in glorious adornments, some in which she created herself.

DeMarr Sylvester


DeMarr's tenacity for life and for art is easy to recognize in each and every piece he creates. DeMarr uses acrylics to express his spirituality as well as his love of nature and urban scenery.

Eric Osbourn



Eric is a comedic artist who loves to disperse positivity wherever he goes. Eric definitely does the same in the world of art notably with clay. When Eric isn’t creating with clay he enjoys playing sports.

Esther Schnable



Esther is thrilled to create exotically exquisite jewelry for the masses. Esther uses clay and glass making techniques with global appeal. Esther has an eye for beauty and is also a fine photographer.

Ethan Mollett


Ethan is a young artist whose artistic capacity ranges from finely detailed sketches to complex clay works. Ethan’s ornate trees and snowman design is featured as a holiday card. Some of Ethan’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with his friends and sketching tattoo designs.

Frank Soria



Frank is an emerging artist whose talents can be seen in his debut mixed media piece which is untitled. Frank takes everyday items and transforms them into wondrous works. Frank has recently and joyously embraced another art medium; sculpting intricate clays pieces.

Gary Branham



Gary is an accomplished sportsman, active member of several clubs, and a well rounded artist. Gary is fond of painting as well as breathing life in clay creations.

Gina Woodall



Gina is a very pleasant person with a contagious laugh. Gina looks forward to visiting the gallery where she concentrates on creating an assortment of pleasing clay pieces and distinctive jewelry.

Jack Smith



A true jack of all trades, Jack is a skillful craftsman whose signature exotic wooden bowls have earned him a respectable reputation in the art world. Jack also likes to build bird houses and construct models from miscellaneous materials such as lottery tickets.

Jason Robinson



Jason is a friendly and wonderful artist who paints extraordinarily on canvas. Jason’s unique style of painting has helped many to identify his striking work immediately. Jason has also collaborated with resident artists to create other masterpieces.

Jeanne Sisinger



Jeanne is a smiley artist who regularly creates sensational bracelets and lovely clay pieces. As a hobby Jeanne enjoys dabbling in culinary arts, reading, and compiling her favorite recipes from cookbooks.

Jennifer   Clark


Jennifer C

Jennifer is a sparkling young lady whose dynamic photographs visually enthrall. In contrast, Jennifer’s shy disposition only amplifies the vibrancy of her photo subjects.

Jennifer Ellis



Jennifer completely absorbs herself in the creative art process. Jennifer enjoys working with clay and pays special attention to the combinations of glazes that she uses. Jennifer’s clay flowers, candle holders, and plates are simply divine.

Jennifer Kennedy



Jennifer has a gift for drawing flowers and other subjects with intricate features. Jennifer has also engaged in collaborative efforts with other resident artists which have allowed her to grow as an artist.

Jessica Reinhart



Jessica, the dynamo, is a delightful artist who revels in creating dazzling jewelry and gorgeous clays pieces. Jessica is also a valued employee of Element of Art Studio/Gallery.

Joe Hill



Joe immerses himself in painting and sketching intense, expressive portraits and landscapes. Joe is enthusiastic about his picturesque achievements and is intent on increasing his collection by trying his hand out in clay.

Karen Carter



Karen is a mother of two who happily juggles her active home life with creating art. Karen’s primary form of artistic expression is creating breathtaking jewelry but she does sculpt with clay from time to time.

Kenny Frederick



Kenny fuses his art with various passions from his life. "The Mockingbird" which is a drawing inspired by the movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird", is one of Kenny's well known pieces to date. An avid basefall fan, Kenny also enjoys creating his own baseball cards.

Lester Remmer



Lester Remmer is Element of Art Studio / Gallery’s newest contracted artist. Until now, Lester has only painted in his apartment. His range of interest, and play in different subject matter and style make it evident that Lester is as excited to explore his abilities in this media as we are to have him on board!

Levi Markham



Levi’s contributions to the world of art are undeniably noteworthy. Levi’s sculpted totem pole pieces, ceramic creations, and drawings are riveting. Levi is also a polished athlete who enjoys playing softball, basketball, and running track.

Lisa Ridilla



Lisa is a composed creator whose paintings are informed by brush strokes, textures, and color relationships. There’s an interest in depth and obvious play in color juxtaposition

Manya Morgan


Manya loves working in acrylics and watercolors as she composes her Objet d’art. She has an exceptional eye for composition and detail whether she is creating a still life or an abstract.

Margaret Smith



Margaret, also known as Maggie, is a blithesome artist who has created an abundance of sparkling bracelets and broaches that reflects her chirpy personality. In Maggie's spare time she enjoys participating in the RNI Dance Troupe.

Melinda Windsor



Melinda appreciates all that is beautiful which she expresses straightforwardly in the marvelous jewelry she creates. Melinda's creativity is not only limited to the gallery, she is also an active member of the several clubs who have been instrumental in beautifying Mansfield by planting flowers and painting fire hydrants.

Nicole Streff


Nicole S.

Nicole’s artistry ceaselessly transverses boundaries. Nicole is an idealistic artist whose sensational paintings, ceramics, photographs, and mosaic portraits are pleasing to many audiences. In Nicole’s spare time she enjoys listening to music, playing basketball, and spending time with her dogs.

Patty Vogus



Patty loves to spend her time making pottery and sketching but really loves making beaded jewelry. Patty especially loves the attention.

Raymond Shaw



Raymond is an impressive artist whose extensive array of works range from still life drawings, sketches of famous musicians, to his very own self-portrait. Aside from art, traveling is another one of Raymond's passions.

Richard Steel



Richard is an energetic artist who enjoys creating compelling framed pieces of art accessorized with miscellaneous materials. Richard also enjoys drawing.

Scott Weikle



Scott is an ardent artist who pays special attention to every detail when painting and drawing. Scott’s natural precision is the basis of all his whimsical portraits. Scott is quite the sportsman as well.

Sherry Morrison


Sherry loves the art of jewelry making and fused glass . She especially enjoys working with the unusual beads in combination with smaller multi-colored pieces. Sherry’s attention to detail is key to her success as an artist.

Tim Ludwig



Tim has been photographing since he was in school and is happy to share his work with art lovers. Kingwood Center is one Tim's favorite places to take pictures. When Tim isn't taking pictures he likes to play the organ and watch the Mansfield Symphony.

Viola Kollar



Viola is a passionate artist whose art has been featured in the Images Seen State Art Exhibit. Viola is also the author and illustrator of her very own children's book entitled, "In the Land of Hope". There's no denying the fact that Viola pours her heart and soul into painting and other forms of creating.

Zach Mitchell



Zach is an exuberant young man who bears an assortment of artistic aptitudes such as painting, molding with clay, and drawing portraits that seemingly mirror the cubism traits of Picasso. Zach is also a talented athlete.

Diane Nichols  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png Diane works in many different mediums of art but photography is where she feels the most comfortable. Diane has been using the camera to transform everyday objests into ornate abstract images.
 Richard McPherson  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png Richard exceeds expectations when creating pottery by perfectly finishing each piece with bright glazes that are sure to catch your eye. He also enjoys creating pottery birdhouses and bowls. His gregarious and outgoing personality makes him a standout in the art world.
 Dotti Cain  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png  

Dotti has an amorous personality which seems to come through in each piece she creates. She enjoys painting, jewelry making, and creating pottery. Her specialty is deciding which glazes work with each piece.


Tom DeSantis  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png  

Tom has made a name for himself as an artist when creating the “pour art” by using vibrant colors that spill over the canvas. Choosing the right colors for the right art piece is his specialty. He also enjoys forming art with various found objects


Jaime Strang  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png  

Jaime is very detailed when it comes to art making. His precision shows in his talent of being able to draw straight lines and angles without using a straight edge. Geometric shapes, abstracts, wildlife, and cartoons are some of his many strong attributes.

 Tony Koebel  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png  

Tony is an astonishing artist who focuses on mix media through his pastel pencil creations. He also excels in “en plein air” drawing, or drawing the nature outside. Another focal point of his creativity is in the pottery he creates. Tony is a person who builds friendships everywhere he goes!


 Stacy Hivelyl  /upload/images/Artists/ZachMitchell.png    

Stacy’s art includes pastel pencils and paintings of abstract items. She also expresses her passion for art through making jewelry. Stacy has a vivacious personality which shows in her artwork. Along with art, she enjoys being a part of the dance troupe at Richland NewHope.