Closing Intern Post

I started my internship at the gallery towards the end of January and since then the gallery is where I’ve spent every Thursday morning. My responsibilities were pretty simple; I would get weekly assignments and write blog posts for the gallery. I attended special events, did some photography, and interviewed performing artists. The work I did for the gallery became very routine and I continued my weekly pace without much thought or trouble. Now that my work is coming to a close, I realize how much I will miss the work and the people. I’m definitely going to start marking First Friday’s down in my calendar.

Interning at the gallery has given me a new appreciation for the countless organizations hard at work in Richland County. Local artists and performers are constantly refining their crafts to delight audiences. More than that, the Element of Art Studio/Gallery is an organization that is supplying artists with the means to express themselves. I truly admire their work.

I’ve attended three First Friday events and have left each event smiling, entertained, and in awe of the talent around me. The artists, singers, performers, and dancers are more than just talented they are exceptional and it has been a delight being around them. When people with the same passions gather and create together a particular radiance surrounds them and their work; it was a privilege for me to briefly be apart of that glow.    

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