Integrated Mobile

We are in the process of creating a massive community mobile and we want you to be a part of it. The artists of Element of Art are busy learning and creating origami artwork to add to community members' origami artwork and together we will create a larger than life art installation to illustrate how everyone has the ability to be a part of a larger work of art. The pieces created will take on a life of their own as they spin and dance within the mobile. The mobile itself will be composed of smaller mobiles. Each mobile will contain origami made in the workshops offered at Element of Art. It will only cost $1.00 per origami paper and we will offer the instruction. Then the community artist may decide if they would like to donate their origami art to the mobile or take it home with them.  

It seems as if it might take some time to collect enough artwork to create the massive mobile but the wait will definitely be worth it! I am certainly excited to see the outcome as we bring the artistic (and not so artistic) community together! 

 Check the website event calendar as well as Facebook events for future dates for these fun workshops!


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