Element of Art Studio / Gallery is a non-profit art gallery that showcases the artistic talents of individuals with developmental disabilities affiliated with Richland Newhope Industries, Inc.  Because the space doubles as a studio, the public has the unique opportunity to interact with the artists as they create unique artwork including but not limited to painting, photography, jewelry, and sculptures. 

There are over 70 contracted artists participating in the programs and services offered by the gallery.  The artists receive a percentage of the sale price of every item they create after it has sold.  The remaining money generated after a sale is used to help cover materials cost, programming, and services for the artists. 

Mission Statement:

Element of Art Studio/Gallery reaches out to artists with developmental disabilities by encouraging self-expression, developing artistic skills, generating opportunities throughout the local and global community, offering an alternate income, enhancing quality of life, and having fun! Element of Art is a place where artists achieve and belong.