The Intern

Hello! My name is Bri Finnerty. For the past several months i have been interning here at the Element of Art Studio/Gallery as a part of my Professional writing minor. I am a student at The Ohio State University -Mansfield. Over the past few months i have been writing blogs for the gallery and posting them to Facebook and Twitter.

This experience was to gain professional writing skills in a business setting. I have not only achieved just that, but i have learned so much more. My supervisor, Kathy Goodwin, has shown me the workings of a small business and introduced me to website design and upkeep. Aside from the writing and business aspects i have been made a part of the downtown Mansfield community,  and welcomed into the Element of Art family. These individuals have allowed me to learn from them. Their kindness and talent is inspiring. In my time here i felt so welcomed and included. Kathy is amazing in every part of her job description and is an amazing person i got to know.

The gallery, the people and the writing of Element of Art have left their mark on me. I will take all the lessons i have learned and apply them not only to my work, but to my life.

The gallery is such a wonderful place to come and see all the different artwork and meet some of the artists. It is a very open place to feel a part of the community.

As my internship is coming to a close I am saddened to leave, however; I know i can always come back.

Bri Finnerty has been such an asset and a joy to have in Element of Art!  She has gone way beyond her role as intern to become a part of our crew.  We wish her much success throughout her career and we hope she will stay in touch. - Kathy

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