Our Instructors


Clara Bradley

Clara Bradley is a resident of Columbus who is originally from the Mansfield area. She is a graduate of North Central State College with an Associate Degree in Business Management. She has always loved anything to do with art and growing up was able to explore multiple mediums due to her flexible home school schedule. Her main focus in the arts is Ceramics. She took as many local studio classes as she could during her studies as a college student. She hopes to inspire that unto others as an instructor.



Diane Googins

Diane Googins is a local artist who has been painting, sketching, shooting photography and writing for many years of her life. She loves the mediums of acrylic, sketching, watercolor, and photography to reveal the beauty she creates to her audience.

She holds a BA in Special Education from Liberty University where she graduated with honors. Her desire for this degree was to maintain relationship with students of any age that struggle developmentally and emotionally and help them achieve their fullest potential in any area of their lives. Her love for people displays a patient, caring focus to detail in teaching and helping all students achieve success.



Suzanne Madden

Suzanne Madden has always loved the arts and found her niche in creating through working at Richland Newhope Industries. She has been part of the Element of Art, the gallery that is a division of RNI, for the past nine years since its inception. Suzanne has taught classes at EOA as well as participating in the classes herself, furthering her own skill set as an instructor. She has worked with various instructors to bring art creation and exploration to adults with disabilities. She has experience in painting with a concentration in Acrylic mediums. Her passion is Ceramics and her love for pottery is self evident in her work. Suzanne’s love for her work and those she works with is a reputable shining characteristic of her as an instructor.



Chelsea Means

Chelsea Means is a native of Mansfield and a practicing fine artist. She holds her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her concentration is in painting and illustration and has exhibited in a variety of shows that ranged from performance, video, ceramics, printmaking and painting. She has worked in galleries such as ShopSCAD Savannah GA and the Raffe Gallery Columbus OH. She practices in many mediums due to having artistic energy toward anything creative! Chelsea is currently the Art Coordinator of the Element of Art in downtown Mansfield. She is excited to be back home to curate, teach, inspire and be inspired by the community of Mansfield and surrounding areas. 



Madison Shilliday

Madison Shilliday is a musician and visual artist living in downtown Mansfield focused on promoting unity and creativity of many artists using various mediums. Her heart for the artists at Element of Art is first to show the importance of expressing individuality, to learn herself from their stories and perspectives, and dig out all the extraordinary talents to create raw and beautiful creations through drawings, paintings, and jewelry. She is a musician fronting the soft punk band, Trash World, as well as a visual artist. She is currently working on upcoming art exhibit/collaborative music project, Bananafish. 



Debra Weaver

Debra Weaver is a local teacher, artist, sculptor and potter of over 20 years. Her work emulates the beauties in nature and peaceful cultures and their joyful meanings and colors. She will be teaching classes in March on Thursday evenings. Come create with her!