The Importance of Buying Local

Most of us do the majority of our shopping at nationally-owned chains. From groceries to coffee to books and even to art, our money ends up far outside of our local economy. The places where we spend our money matter, and the more we choose to spend locally, the more our community benefits. This is what the “Be Focal Buy Local” campaign is all about.

Buying your goods from local businesses puts more of your hard-earned money into the local community to impact such things in our area as streets, schools, sponsorships for nonprofits, and so much more. Each purchase makes a difference, whether it’s buying a cup of coffee from Relax, It’s Just Coffee, a book from Main Street Books, or any other downtown business. As an added bonus, you walk away knowing that you are getting good quality products no matter what local business you are supporting.

The same is true here at Element of Art. Feeling a creative itch and want to develop your artistic abilities? Take some of our art classes! Want to decorate your home with some lovely art? Start with us! 50% of each sale goes to the artists, so you know your money is going somewhere worthwhile.

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