Developing Leadership In Our Community

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and Richland Newhope Industries Inc. is proud to assist in the development of the Mansfield area, which is why we partner with Leadership Unlimited for Community Awareness Day each year.

Mansfield and surrounding communities need leaders and the local Leadership Unlimited group is up to the challenge. The group, which has been deeply rooted in the area for over thirty years, uses the community as a classroom to foster strong leaders. During the program,  community leaders participate in monthly sessions around the community. Many local organizations such as Richland Bank and the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce partner with Leadership Unlimited to help give LU real world experience. This long-standing organization has the right experience and knowledge to build our community just as they've been doing for decades. By the time the program ends, they have developed their own abilities as leaders and they have fostered a positive relationship with much of the local community. 

There is something for everyone to learn, no matter how long you've lived in the area. Whether you've just moved here or grew up here, Leadership Unlimited helps you become a better version of yourself with all the best aspects of the Mansfield area. The variety of companies and people you'll work with will show you all that our hometown has to offer, allowing you to become a better leader for our community. 

Here at Element of Art, LU participants engage in art classes with our talented artists. Since they take these classes alongside artists with developmental disabilities, it helps create a strong sense of community between our community leaders and the diverse individuals that live in the Mansfield area.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is the perfect time to remember why these relationships are important in our community. These community leaders not only learn everything Element of Art has to offer for Mansfield, but working alongside our artists gives them experience with unique individuals that will benefit them in their careers.

We take pride in Mansfield and that's why we're happy to partner with Leadership Unlimited. Better leaders help make Mansfield a better home for all of us, and you become a better person as well!

If you’re a motivated person who takes on any challenge, check out more about this incredible program. You can view their website at or look for them on Facebook. If you’re interested in working alongside our great artists and taking some fun art classes, check out the calendar on our website for more info.

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