Intern's Final Blog Post

As my internship with Element of Art draws to a close, I look back on my time here with a great deal of fondness and pride. These past few months have been full of positive, creative energy conductive for learning valuable skills. I came here in January to develop my writing skills for my professional writing minor, and I got so much more than I bargained for. I've met a lot of brilliant, creative people who even inspire me on a personal level. Element of Art is full of passionate, driven people who use their various abilities to help make this a better community for all of us. As I approach my graduation from The Ohio State University at Mansfield and enter a new stage of my life, I will remember all the people here who've inspired me as I strive to carry that inspiration to others. 

I've looked forward to spending my time here each week and I'm going to miss it. Working in such a lively atmosphere has also made me want to get back into my own creative endeavors going forward. Being here has also helped me learn more about myself and my career goals. Choosing a future path isn't easy, but it's experiences like my internship here that have helped give me new perspectives so I can better decide on my own future.

Each week I've written blog posts about First Friday events, art classes, company news, and more. I've also helped to update the website with new products from the company's diverse, creative artists. I've enjoyed aiding in strengthening the company's presence in the community and only wish I had time to do more of that. 

My favorite times here have been attending the First Friday events every month. Each event has something different to offer, making it fun to write the recap posts that followed. Even though my internship is over, I'll be keeping an eye on Element of Art's calendar so I can stop by on future events and continue enjoying the fun, creative atmosphere. I also love the artwork and want to see what other beautiful works these artists create. 

Everything I've learned here will be valuable for me going forward. I hope Element of Art continues to see great success as a company, just as they have helped me succeed. 

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